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If you are like most Americans, your Social Security income will play a significant role in your financial future.
Historically, without a licensed financial advisor to help navigate you through the Social Security Administration’s confusing rules and filing regulations, you were likely to leave significant money on the table.
That is no longer the case.
Now receive the same advantage that clients of tens of thousands of financial advisors using LifeYield receive to derive the maximum Social Security benefit and retire as comfortably as possible.

It’s very easy to get started.

Simply provide basic information about you and your (ex-) spouse and Social Security Advantage instantly provides specific direction on how to maximize your Social Security income including detailed instructions on:
  • When to file
  • How to file (e.g. for your own or your (ex-) spouse’s benefits)
  • Whether to switch filing strategies as circumstances change
  • How to compare the “optimal” strategy versus those of your own choosing to determine the most financially advantageous approach

Sample Considerations

There are many considerations that factor in to the final Social Security Advantage recommendations including:
  • Estimates of the benefit to expect at Full Retirement Age (or FRA), either directly from your Social Security statement or from our quick benefit estimator.
  • Reduction in benefits to expect if filing for benefits prior to your FRA.
  • Increased benefits to expect if filing after your FRA.
  • The benefits a spouse or a divorcee can expect when claiming Spousal Benefits off another worker’s Social Security record, including any reduction for filing prior to the FRA.
  • The benefits a widow(er) can expect when claiming Survivor Benefits, including any reduction for filing prior to the Survivor FRA, which can be different from the worker’s own FRA.
  • The calculation of monthly, annual, and cumulative benefits over a lifetime, resulting in a recommended strategy for comparison against a common baseline strategy.
  • Special provisions of the Social Security rules, which can reduce or even eliminate benefits in certain circumstances, such as the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.
  • Details on how to file for benefits.

Your Future. Customized.

While every individual is different, and their Social Security roadmap is as well, there are some commonly asked questions. For example:
How long should you put off claiming benefits, if at all?
What if your portfolio cannot support the gap years between retirement and benefits claim?
Should you file for your own benefits, or for a spouse’s, whether still married, divorced, or widowed?
Social Security Advantage enables you to compare various customized scenarios to determine which filing strategy is best for you. Furthermore, even if either you or your spouse (but not both) have already filed for Social Security benefits, Social Security Advantage provides valuable recommendations on how to course-correct as necessary to earn the highest benefit.

How to File

Once you have determined the smartest filing strategy for you, it’s best to file for benefits through the Social Security Administration online.
Access the application by clicking here.
Please note: it typically takes the Social Security Administration several weeks to process your application. We suggest you apply three months prior to when you’d like to start receiving benefits.

Get the most out of Social Security.

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Updates and Recommendations

Naturally Social Security rules change from time to time.
Rest assured, the latest version of Social Security Advantage reflects the newest rules and how they may impact your benefits.
Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at issasupport@lifeyield.com for fast answers.