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The Money Management Institute explores the industry’s new paradigm—addressing all of a clients’ investment needs at the household level–including taxes.

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It’s time to revolutionize the way Americans save, invest, and draw income in retirement.

LifeYield is a core component of a new ecosystem of advisor technologies—a system that integrates every aspect of clients’ financial lives to help achieve better retirement outcomes. The LifeYield Advantage Suite® coordinates assets held in various IRAs, 401(k)s, taxable accounts – and at different advisors – to enable truly tax-smart household-level portfolio management. Over time, it can add up to significant savings and higher retirement income.

An independent Ernst & Young study showed using LifeYield Advantage Suite® can boost after-tax returns and income by up to 33% over time.**

**Ernst & Young study

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LifeYield helps us show our clients why we pay such close attention to taxes when structuring their portfolio.  Clients are amazed how big of a difference it can make over the long run.  Before LifeYield, it was much harder to estimate the potential tax savings and show those savings in an easy to understand way.


Steven Elwell, Chief Investment Officer and co-owner of Level Financial Advisors

Its inconceivable that taxes, the single largest drag to investing have been the elephant in the room for any discussion of investing for so long. LifeYield’s Taxificient Score® will prove to be a disruptor to the industry status quo bringing tax impact to the forefront where it rightfully belongs.


Len Reinhart, Wealthcare Capital Management

The Taxificient Score® gives me the ability to view my clients' portfolios in ways that other tools simply cannot by providing a holistic view of client assets and further equipping me to help them create better financial outcomes.


Robert L. Franner III, AAMS®, An LPL Financial Advisor

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