LifeYield Advantage Suite®

The Advantage Suite can boost after-tax returns and income by up to 33% over time according to an independent Ernst & Young study.**

LifeYield Advantage Suite® for Advisors

Change the way clients save, invest, and earn income with tax-smart, household-level portfolio management

Your job is changing. A new wave of technology innovation is making it possible for you to offer household portfolio management—managing all of a household’s financial accounts, across all life stages, on a single platform. Top advisors are seizing this opportunity to become one-stop destinations for all their clients’ financial needs.

The Advantage Suite is a core component of this new, holistic approach. For the first time, it’s practical and easy to optimize taxes across a client’s entire asset allocation – and improve investor outcomes.

**Ernst & Young study


“Leaders are deploying advanced, scalable technology architecture to improve the investor and advisor experience—and, importantly, financial results. They are doing this not just by using discrete products, accounts or tools, but through an integrated financial planning and household portfolio management approach.”

—Modern Wealth: The Roadmap to Improved Investor and Advisor Outcomes, Money Management Institute, 2019.

Help clients save on taxes. Grow assets faster.
And earn more retirement income.

With LifeYield, you can help clients control their tax exposure in a whole new way.



Often, a client owns half a dozen accounts, opened at different times with different firms, and subject to a variety of tax treatments. Only LifeYield Portfolio Advantage looks across all of a client’s accounts and holdings and identifies the tax-smart location for every asset.

The LifeYield Advantage Suite®

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Make sure your clients don’t pay higher taxes than they should.

See how the Advantage Suite can significantly enhance your clients’ after-tax investment returns.

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