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Income Advantage®

Recommend a tax-smart way to withdraw income in retirement

Taxes can take a serious bite out of your clients’ retirement income—especially if clients withdraw money from the wrong accounts, or in the wrong order.

Now, LifeYield Income Advantage makes it easy to recommend the most tax-efficient strategies for generating income from accumulated assets. This unique, innovative software looks across all of a household’s investment holdings—including taxable and tax-advantaged accounts—to identify the optimal asset location and withdrawal sequence to minimize taxes.


Show your clients the most tax-efficient way to take income from the assets they’ve worked so hard to save.

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How Income Advantage Works

When a client needs to withdraw cash from accumulated assets, LifeYield Income Advantage looks across a household’s multiple accounts and assets.

It identifies the most advantageous locations from which to sell assets—and the sequence in which they should be sold—in order to minimize taxes and maximize after-tax income.


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Create optimal withdrawal strategies—faster.

Calculating withdrawal strategies by hand is time consuming, especially when trying to provide recommendations more comprehenisve than simple rules of thumb. Income Advantage cuts the work of hours to a few seconds—and delivers a higher level of accuracy and sophistication as well.

Tailor custom solutions for your clients

No two clients are alike. Each brings unique goals, circumstances, income needs, and investment portfolios. With LifeYield Income Advantage, tailor specific variables to every customer—such as age, tax status, and adherence to a target asset allocation—so you can provide truly personalized withdrawal recommendations.

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The LifeYield Proposal Advantage Suite®

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Make sure your clients don’t pay higher taxes than they should.

See how the Proposal Advantage Suite can significantly enhance your clients’ after-tax investment returns.