Portfolio Advantage

Out of 35 participating firms offering comprehensive advice, “only LifeYield addresses tax optimization in a comprehensive, cross-account way and quantifies the benefit for investors.”

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Portfolio Advantage®

Find the tax-optimized location for every asset in seconds

With LifeYield, you can help clients control their tax exposure in a whole new way. Only LifeYield Portfolio Advantage looks across all of a client’s accounts and holdings, and identifies the most tax-smart location for every asset.

Calculate Your Clients’ Taxficient Score®

Use Portfolio Advantage to calculate your clients’ Taxficient Score. Their score gauges the overall tax-efficiency of their portfolios, instantly communicating the value of tax-smart portfolio management in a single, easy-to-understand number.


Start helping your clients minimize taxes, boost after-tax returns and reach their retirement goals more easily.

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How Portfolio Advantage Works

Clients often own numerous assets scattered across different types of accounts. Usually, no one has ever tried to coordinate their tax implications.

With Portfolio Advantage, you simply determine the asset allocation that best fits your clients’ goals and risk tolerance.

Then, LifeYield's state-of-the-art technology—fully integrated with your own environment—looks through every asset in every account, and completes hours of optimization calculations in just seconds.

The result is a tax-smart asset location plan—placing assets with high tax rates in tax-advantaged accounts, and using taxable accounts for assets with low tax rates.

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LifeYield Portfolio Advantage shows your clients their projected improvement in dollars, basis points, and percentage, making it easy to demonstrate your value.

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What Portfolio Advantage can do for you

  • Gain a competitive edge by offering a valuable service before it’s available through other advisors
  • Save time by performing optimization calculation in seconds instead of hours
  • Keep clients on track through continuous optimization whenever a household’s overall portfolio allocation changes—as when cash is invested or withdrawn, or markets move
  • Encourage clients to consolidate more assets with you to reap additional tax savings
  • Generate more leads with tools to engage and refer investors

The LifeYield Proposal Advantage Suite®

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