LifeYield Social Security Advantage®

70% of future retirees say they're likely to switch advisors to maximize Social Security Benefits1

LifeYield Social Security Advantage®

Help clients make the most of their Social Security income

It's one of the first questions clients ask–"When should I apply for Social Security?"

Unfortunately, nearly half of retirees and pre-retirees underestimate their life expectancy by five years or more.

If they apply for Social Security too early, they’ll forfeit valuable benefits they’ve earned. LifeYield Social Security Advantage helps you offer clients personalized recommendations on when—and how—to file for Social Security benefits.

1. Risks and Process of Retirement Survey, Society of Actuaries, 2015.

Customized scenarios let you recommend a personalized strategy for each client.

Help clients understand how different variables can affect their projected payments. LifeYield Social Security Advantage lets you choose from a variety of personal scenarios, with adjustable inputs such as age, marital status, life expectancy, and other assets held. Change inputs, and let clients see the potential outcome. Benefit Delay and Benefit Replacement features offer you an opportunity to suggest additional products—as well as to discover assets held elsewhere. With LifeYield Social Security Advantage, you can help clients make the best use of their retirement benefits.

Based on the inputs provided, LifeYield Social Security Advantage calculates the optimal timing and strategy for clients to take their Social Security Benefits.

Customized reports show clients how much more they can expect to receive by month, annually, and in total with the optimal LifeYield Social Security Advantage strategy.


Start answering one of your clients’ most common questions—when to file for Social Security benefits—with detailed, personalized recommendations.

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