Taxficient Score

TAXESNOT MARKET VOLATILITY OR FEES – represent the biggest drain on investment returns.”1


Know the Score: Let clients instantly see when they are paying excessive taxes

Are investment taxes eating away at your clients’ nest eggs? Is there a way for your retired clients to take home higher after-tax income?

Taxes create significant drag on portfolio returns. But it can be hard for clients to grasp their true impact, especially if their assets are scattered across various taxable and tax-advantaged accounts.

Show them their Taxficient Score®—and in a single number, you can instantly communicate the true value of a tax-smart portfolio.

1. Research Affiliates, “Is Your Alpha Big Enough to Cover Its Taxes? A Quarter-Century Retrospective,” as reported in “Do’s and Don’ts of Tax-Efficient Investing,” U.S. News & World Report, July 2018.

Show Your Clients Their Taxficient Score.

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How a Taxficient Score works.

You create a Taxficient Score using Proposal Advantage. LifeYield’s technology looks at all of a client’ accounts at once—including 401(k)s, IRA rollovers, Roth IRAs, brokerage accounts and more—to see whether the right assets are held in the right accounts. The higher the Taxficient Score, the easier it may be for your clients to reach their retirement goals.

A Taxficient Score is like a credit score—but instead of measuring creditworthiness, it reports a household portfolio’s tax efficiency.

Why everyone wins when they know the Score

  • Reduce a complex idea to an easy-to-grasp number. Clients instinctively know a higher score is better
  • Demonstrate your value as a trusted advisor who can help clients improve their score and financial outcomes
  • Differentiate your practice by going beyond asset allocation to address asset location—placing the assets in the optimal taxable or tax-advantaged accounts to minimize taxes
  • Boost clients after-tax returns and income by up to 33% over time, according to an independent Ernst & Young study*
  • Capture a larger share of wallet—research shows happy investors tend to reward advisors with additional assets to manage

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