Help Advisors Guide Clients
LifeYield Income Advantage recommends the most tax-efficient way for clients to take income from accumulated assets. Only LifeYield Income Advantage identifies the optimal asset location and sequence of withdrawals to minimize taxes when your advisors sell assets across a household’s multiple investment accounts. With this unique, tax-smart approach, your advisors provide significant value helping clients make the most out of their retirement income.

Provide Customizable Solutions
No two clients are alike, so there is no one formula applicable to all. Each client has his or her own circumstances and goals, income needs and investment portfolio. With LifeYield Income Advantage, your advisors can control variables unique to every customer, such as age, tax status and adherence to the target portfolio asset allocation, so they are better equipped to provide customized withdrawal recommendations.

When clients need to generate income from accumulated assets in multiple accounts and products, such as in retirement, they rely on their advisors to help determine a tax-smart withdrawal strategy
With LifeYield Income Advantage, your advisors recommend tax-minimization strategies that leave clients more for retirement.
By linking a client’s asset allocation to a tax-smart withdrawal strategy, your advisors are better equipped to make recommendations for generating income in the optimal way to minimize taxes using LifeYield Income Advantage.
When a client needs to withdraw cash from his or her accumulated assets, LifeYield Income Advantage looks across a household’s multiple accounts and products to identify the most advantageous location and sequence from which to sell assets to minimize taxes.

Advisors Maximize Their Clients’ Retirement Income
By consistently recommending a tax-sensitive withdrawal strategy, time and again, your advisors help clients generate more income, extend the life of their assets in retirement and enjoy greater peace of mind.
LifeYield Income Advantage allows advisors to control for the variables that impact withdrawal decisions, such as a client’s age, tax status, accounts to withdraw from and drift from the original portfolio asset allocation.
Advisors provide a financial benefit and grow relationships
Clients have more income to enjoy in retirement
Clients keep more for a greater inheritance for heirs
Offer State-of-the-Art Guidance

Work that would take your advisors hours to do manually can be accomplished in seconds, and more precisely, with software that integrates with existing planning tools. LifeYield Income Advantage serves as the link between a client’s asset allocation, account types and a tax-smart withdrawal strategy. And the value of LifeYield Income Advantage is reinforced every time a client needs to withdraw funds.

Extend Relationships

Increase retention of existing clients and get additional referrals by helping clients generate more income. The benefit continues throughout retirement, as clients have more to spend in retirement and accumulate a greater legacy for their heirs.

LifeYield also offers LifeYield Portfolio Advantage to help advisors enhance their clients’ after-tax investment returns and LifeYield Social Security Advantage to help individuals get the most out of their benefits.
LifeYield helps advisors generate leads

We support your firm’s account acquisition efforts with valuable lead generation tools. Investors answer a few simple questions, discover how much more income or financial cushion they can enjoy, and are directed to your advisors for a plan to get more out of their assets.
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