Why do I need Social Security Advantage?
Social Security Advantage makes it easy to maximize your Social Security benefits by determining how and when to file for benefits. To start getting the most out of retirement, buy it now.

What are the computer system requirements for Social Security Advantage?
Social Security Advantage is a web-based application. Our software can be used on any Windows, Mac, or Linux system using the latest version of most browsers. You can also access the software using Mobile Safari on an Apple iPad running iOS 7 or above.

How often should I use Social Security Advantage?
You should use Social Security Advantage at least once a year because every year the Social Security Administration updates your Full Retirement Age Benefit (FRA Benefit, sometimes referred to as the Primary Insurance Amount, or PIA), to reflect such factors as cost of living increases or changes to the Social Security rules. In addition, if you or your spouse earned a salary during the previous year, your FRA Benefit may change, which may alter the best Social Security filing strategy available to you.

What is the earliest age at which I can file for Social Security benefits?
Typically, 62 is the earliest age at which you can file for your own benefits, or 60 if you are filing for Survivor benefits; but your benefits will be reduced if you have not reached your FRA. However, it is important to remember that the older you are when you file (up to age 70), the greater your monthly/annual Social Security benefits will be. Social Security Advantage is customizable and will help you figure out the best filing strategy for you. To learn more, Take a Tour

Can Social Security Advantage determine my FRA, the age at which a person is entitled to full or unreduced retirement benefits?
Yes. Social Security Advantage automatically looks up your FRA based on your birth year, and lists it in a downloadable report.

If I am filing for spousal/survivor benefits, does Social Security Advantage do the calculations for me?
Yes. Social Security Advantage automatically looks up these ages for you as part of its analysis, and incorporates the appropriate FRA into its calculations.

How accurate will Social Security Advantage be if I only use my last year of earnings?
Using your last year’s earnings gives a rough estimate of what your Social Security benefits could be, based on the assumption that you earned approximately the same amount (taking inflation into account). However, this estimate may be a lot less accurate than using your actual FRA Benefit, since typically a person’s earnings are not consistent over time.

How can I learn more about Social Security?
For additional information that can help you maximize your benefits, go to the Social Security Administration’s website, https://www.ssa.gov to get answers to important questions, such as:

  • What is my FRA?
  • How is my FRA Benefit determined?
  • Can I file for Spousal Benefits based on my ex-spouse’s work record?
  • How do I file for Survivors Benefits?

How do I learn more about Social Security Advantage?
Many complex factors affect your Social Security income. We’ll analyze your unique situation and show you how to maximize your benefits. Please visit our Take a Tour page for more information about Social Security Advantage.

How can I purchase Social Security Advantage?
Buy it now, and plan to get the most out of retirement.