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If you are like most Americans, Social Security income will play a significant role in your financial future. However, navigating Social Security rules and regulations can be complicated, and you may need assistance.
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and plan to get the most out of retirement
Use LifeYield Social Security Advantage to maximize your benefits.
Using interactive features, LifeYield Social Security Advantage provides the information you need to determine the best way to file for benefits. You will also get suggestions on how to work through complex rules, such as spousal benefits. If either you or your spouse have already filed for benefits, LifeYield Social Security Advantage provides valuable recommendations on how to course-correct to earn the highest benefit. It’s easy to get started.
Every person is unique, and the best approach for taking Social Security will vary by situation. LifeYield Social Security Advantage is customizable, with a variety of scenarios to choose from, so you get a personalized recommendation on when and how to file for benefits.

Simply input some basic information, such as your age, marital status, life expectancy and other assets, and LifeYield Social Security Advantage instantly provides specific direction on how to maximize your Social Security income. You can even compare customized scenarios to determine the most financially advantageous approach.

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LifeYield Social Security Advantage provides you with detailed instructions on when and how to file and lets you know whether to switch filing strategies as circumstances change.

You see how your benefits differ monthly, annually, and in total with the optimal LifeYield Social Security Advantage strategy.

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Many factors affect your Social Security income. We’ll analyze your unique situation and show you how to maximize your benefits. Buy it now, and plan to get the most out of retirement.
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