Product Neutral: Works With Existing Products and Processes

LifeYield is designed to fit an advisor's:

  • Existing business model
  • Product selection and asset allocation methodology
  • Client planning process

LifeYield is not a financial planning tool and does not select asset allocations or specific securities. As a software solution it helps simplify and optimize the plans and objectives you have agreed upon with your clients.

From managed accounts to tax-free municipal bonds to taxable securities, ADRs, ETFs, mutual funds, and almost everything in between, LifeYield consumes all types of assets and products and optimizes the results. It also accommodates guaranteed income sources such as annuity, pension and Social Security income.

You make a plan with the client, LifeYield helps execute it in an optimal way.

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LifeYield's Tax-Smart Software

It's not what you earn, but what you keep

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What People Are Saying

LifeYield commissioned Boston Research Group to study what registered representatives think of LifeYield:

"LifeYield falls into a niche I haven't seen filled yet. I use another product that helps in the planning process, but doesn't help once clients are in the distribution phase. This is definitely a cutting-edge solution."

— Capital Analysts Advisor

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