LifeYield: A Simple, Tax-Smart Solution for Advisors and their Clients

Coordinated Account and Income Management can significantly reduce taxes an investor pays during the savings or accumulation phase and throughout retirement. And taxes matter. Taxes are the biggest expense a household will pay over an investment lifetime – bigger than housing, healthcare, food, and education ... combined. Taxes have a significant impact on investment returns. Research from Morningstar shows throughout the past 85 years, taxes diminished returns for stocks and bonds by approximately 2% each year (see chart below).

Managing a client's taxable and tax-advantaged accounts in a coordinated way can reduce what is unnecessarily lost to taxes each year and over an investor's lifetime. According to comparisons conducted by Ernst & Young LLP, LifeYield can help provide up to 33% better after-tax returns and retirement income. (click here to receive a copy of the Ernst & Young LLP research)

Remember, it's not what you earn, it's what you keep.

LifeYield's Tax-Smart Software

It's not what you earn, but what you keep

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What People Are Saying

"LifeYield is the missing link for advisors to optimize client household asset management plans in an efficient and effective way. It's a breakthrough solution."

Len Reinhart, Founder, Lockwood Family of Companies

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